Sunday, March 11, 2007

1952 Vincent Black Lightning

The theme for this weekend: 1952 Vincent Black Lightning. That's because I heard Richard Thompson's song for the first time. It immediately appealed to me, what with its protagonist sharing my name and his girl being red-headed, not to mention some pretty tasty finger picking throughout... but who's this cat, Vincent?

And so began my journey of not only learning what the heck a Vincent is -- it's a famous motorcycle -- but also about Richard Thompson, his technique, and a new open tuning I'd never tried before.

I also learned about Rollie Free and decided that being famous for this photo is darn cool.

And even though I've previously cautioned against it, here is why YouTube is so freaking great:

So I ignored all the stuff I had wanted to get done this weekend and attempted to learn to play the tune. My youngest daughter thinks I'm a bit obsessed with it. Maybe so, but it's fun to sing, and especially funny to hear her sing it.

I ended up with a decent approximation... and a newfound respect for both Richard Thompson and Phil Vincent.

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MDGColorado said...

Jim--I ran into your blog (well, not by accident) a few weeks ago. I've been meaning to comment but how could I cover all the ground that needs covering? I can't, but we can start with Richard. He's alot more interesting than your ISP problems, :-)

I'm surprised you didn't know him. Not to brag but I've listened to him a fair bit and seen him a couple times, including once well before I met you, at Atlanta Symphony Hall, when his encore was Townsend's "Substitute!" Frankly he's often too cynical or bitter for me, but I love the Black Vincent song. He's well worth seeing in concert; he plays Boulder a lot. My buddies will see him every time he comes here but I'm not as enamored.

Write if you feel like it; I'll answer.

Good to see you like riding your bike!

Mark Gardner
Longmont, CO